Beyond the Clouds


I do believe hiccup has the monopoly 

you have the heart of a banker and the soul of a board-game champion

Battle Flight
by Dreamsoffools

OKAY so I got the request from an anon (sorry Miundy!) that I draw I’m-a-hiccup’s version of how Hiccup would look like as a guardian. And just whoa gurl. I said yes before I knew what I subscribed for, and this was quite a challenge! I’ve never drawn anthro before (and don’t plan on drawing any more in the future), but I tried my best to make this look good, I’ve spent quite some hours on it. (because the dragon parts were too difficult hahgugh) Also can’t say I didn’t enjoy it! :3 So there, I hope you like it! ♥
The next thing up here is going to be an older rq of Hijack, and then I’m officially announcing my Left Hand Project!

toothless is basically a big cat with the face of an axolotl and i love him

✦ GIFT OF THE NIGHT FURY 500px gifs [6/?]

If you love yourself please go  watch HTTYD2
Also please recommend me some good Hiccstrid fanfiction just look at these losers they’re so stupidly in love they’ll give me diabetes.

Dragon Racing
Together, We Map The World
Hiccup; the Chief
Toothless Lost
Should I Know You?
Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary 
Losing Mom
Meet Drago
Stoick Finds Beauty
Flying with Mother
For the Dancing and Dreaming
Battle of the Bewilderbeast
Hiccup Confronts Drago
Stoick Saves Hiccup
Stoick’s Ship
Alpha Comes To Berk
Toothless Found
Two New Alphas
Where No One Goes (Jónsi)